Barlow Water
Improvement District
Pine Hollow Oregon

About the Barlow Water
 Improvement District

The name of the corporation is Barlow Water Improvement District (BWID). BWID is a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation organized pursuant to ORS Chapter 65; and it operates as a nonprofit water improvement district pursuant to ORS Chapter 554. The particular land to be improved by the works of the corporation consists of all of the real property located within one mile of the Pine Hollow Development Boundary located in Wasco County, Oregon, consisting of a total of 350 acres including the Pine Hollow Reservoir.

The purpose of the Barlow Water Improvement District is to furnish water for domestic use and the irrigation of non agricultural land for the residents entitled to water from the Barlow Water Improvement District as outlined in the bylaws.

This corporation is not organized for profit and neither the corporation nor its members shall profit from the business of the corporation other than from the benefits of the improvements of the land for which the corporation is formed.

BWID Documentation

Barlow Water Improvement
District By Laws
Barlow Water Improvement District
Rules and Regulations

BWID Articles of Incorporation

Barlow Water Service application

Emergency Response Plan

BWID Operations Manual

Consumer Confidence Report

Board Member Responsibilities

2021 Water Rate Schedule

BWID Monthly Board Minutes


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