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March 26, 2010



This document provides rules, regulations, charges, and penalties for Customers of the Barlow Water Improvement District (BWID) water supply system. The BWID shall include all wells, pumping stations, storage reservoirs, distribution, supply and feeder pipes, meters, and all other appurtenances, devices, lines or any equipment necessary for the operation of the water system in order to supply  potable water to individual water Customers.



Section 1.  Application for Service

Application for the installation, activation, or alteration of a service connection to the Barlow Water Improvement District shall be made by the Property Owner submitting a completed BWID Service Application and Agreement form to the Board of Directors through the BWID business office located at the Pine Hollow Fire Department. Applications can be submitted during normal business hours (currently Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm). To receive service, all applicants for service must agree to accept, and abide by, all the provisions of this Rules and Regulations. Property Owners are responsible for payment of all service including installation and water use. For the purpose of these Rules and Regulations, Property Owner and Customer will have the same meaning.


Section 2.  New Connections to the BWID System

A new Customer connection to the BWID water system may be obtained by the Property Owner submitting a BWID Service Application and Agreement, followed by approval of the Board of Directors, and after making advanced payment of a $2,500 connection fee. After the installation of a new meter has been completed, a new customer is also required to install a back flow device that meets the specification of the State of Oregon. In addition to a $2,500 connection fee, the Customer will also be billed for the labor and materials involved to make the connection. As part of a new installation, the Barlow Water Improvement District will furnish, install, connect, and maintain the water delivery lines from the main to (and including) the new water meter. Only the System Operator or a person authorized by the BWID Board shall, connect or disconnect BWID system meters or otherwise make alterations to the service connection.


Section 3.  Service Lines

The Customer’s service line, beginning at (and connected to), the discharge point of the BWID water meter shall be constructed and maintained by and at the expense of the system user or other person(s) responsible for the property. The system user is responsible for protecting service lines beyond the meter connection point from freezing or physical damage. Customer’s are also responsible for all damages resulting from leaks and breaks in such line (including charges for all water usage resulting from any broken system user distribution lines or valves).  All Customers’ service distribution lines shall conform to the plumbing regulations established by the Barlow Water Improvement District, Wasco County, and of the State of Oregon. The Barlow Water Improvement District is responsible for installing the water meter and connecting the meter discharge (first connection point) at the meter to the Customer’s Service Line.


Section 4.  Separate Service

Whenever a metered service connection supplies more than one point of distribution, all subsidiary service must, whenever physically possible, be arranged so that the supply to each separate distribution point may be controlled by separate isolation control valves.


Section 5.  Opening and Closing of Meter Water Control Valve

Only the BWID System Operator or a duly authorized person is allowed to operate the water control valve at a supply meter. Application to have a water meter turned on shall be made in accordance with Section 1 of this Rules and Regulations.


Section 6.  Resale of Water

No water shall be resold or re-distributed by a BWID metered customer without the knowledge and approval of the Barlow Water Improvement District Board.


Section 7.  Single Meter Service   

No water shall be supplied by BWID through a single metered service connection to more than one single-family residence per lot.  If BWID is notified by Wasco County or the State of Oregon that a violation of Wasco County or State of Oregon building or property use laws or codes has been identified (and the owner of said property duly notified by Wasco County or the State of Oregon),  BWID will take what-ever action is directed by the State or County.


Section 8.  Defective Faucets and Fixtures

Water will not be delivered to customers where there are known leaky or defective pipes, faucets, closets, or other fixtures, or where there are closets or urinals are installed without self-closing valves or tanks without self-closing float valves. If such problems are discovered, BWID retains the right to shut off the valve at customer’s meter.


Section 9.  Right of Access

Authorized BWID personnel shall be allowed full access to the customer’s property as required to read inspect the meter (on a monthly basis), any backflow device, and customer’s water distribution lines (within reason). Whenever possible, BWID will notify the customer when access is needed to inspect water distribution lines. BWID reserves the right to maintain access to read the water meter without advance notice and it is the member's responsibility to assure the meter is accessible at all times and not covered with dirt, debris, or vehicles, etc.


Section 10.  Discontinuance of Water Service

Whenever any Barlow Water Improvement District user wishes to have their water service discontinued (for any period longer than seven business days) they shall apply in writing to the Board of Directors. The fixed fee for discontinuance of water service shall be $175.00 for meter turn off and an additional $175.00 for meter turn on. This fee is subject to change whenever water rates are adjusted.


Section 11.  Water Turn-on/Off Charges

All charges as outlined in Section 10 are payable in advance. Charges shall be made for discontinuance of water service in all cases where turn-off was required because of customer’s failure to comply with the provisions of this Rules and Regulations.

Section 12.  Temporary Discontinuance

The water supply to the BWID distribution mains may be shut off without notice for emergency repairs and other necessary purposes. In such cases, the Barlow Water Improvement District will not be responsible for any consequential damages. Whenever it is practical, BWID will make reasonable efforts to provide at least 1-hour notice to affected customers before any water main water is shut off.


Section 13.  Water Use Charges


The Board of Directors shall establish charges for the water base rate and water used up to twice per year.  The charge shall be established by June 1st for the period beginning the subsequent July 1st in accordance with state law. Applicable water rates will be published in BWID newsletters and available at the BWID business office. The water rate may be changed one other time per fiscal year (either up or down) depending upon need to meet system operation needs.  The change and explanation of the need shall be mailed to the members prior to implementation.


Property Owners (Customers), are responsible for payment of all services as provided by BWID. Should services be used by others on a Customer's account, ultimate responsibility for payment will remain with the Property Owner.


Section 14.  Delinquency; Shut-Off; Liens

a)     Water billing charges shall be due and payable to the Barlow Water Improvement District office within 30 days of the billing date.


b)     Unpaid Water System service charges due from users of the Water System shall become delinquent 30 days from the billing date and shall be subject to a delinquency charge as established by the Board of Directors.


c)      If such charges are not paid within 40 days of the billing dates, the Barlow Water Improvement District, at its option (and after due written notice to the water user), may discontinue water delivery services.  Water delivery will not be restarted until the user pays their account balance in full plus applicable disconnection and reconnection charges as established by the Board of Directors.  Upon receipt of these payments, the Barlow Water Improvement District during regular working hours will restore the user's water service.  Written notice of discontinuing water service for non-payment of charges will be given to the user by regular mail, or by posting a notice on the premises at least 10 days in advance of the shut off.  The notice will state that if the charges are disputed, the water system user may request an informal conference with the Board of Directors to discuss the charges.  Such request must be received no later than two days prior to the scheduled shut off date.


d)     The Barlow Water Improvement District may require security (cash) deposits prior to providing, or to continue providing, water service to any user.  The amount of security deposit may not be less than two months minimum billing charges.  Any such delinquent water charges and fees shall draw interest at the rate of nine (9) percent per annum until paid. The existing late fee is $2.50 per month subject to revision by the Board in accordance with existing laws.


Section 15.  Collections

The Barlow Water Improvement District may use such means of collection of water rates, charges or connection fees as are provided by the laws of the State of Oregon or as are authorized by the Barlow Water Improvement District board.  The District may also use an action at law in the name of the District for collection of water rates, charges or connection fees.


Section 16.  Unauthorized Water Meter Turn On after the District has Shut Off the Water.

If water should be turned on at the meter by any person other than the BWID System Operator or a duly authorized person, BWID reserves the right to physically disconnected the service and it will not be reconnected until the labor and material costs of disconnecting and reconnecting the service, in addition to all charges and arrearages due have been paid. All residents are responsible for installing a separate  water turn off valve between the water meter and the point of use.


Section 17.  Tampering with Water System (Tampering, Pollution, Obstruction)

It shall be unlawful for any person, not authorized by BWID, to tamper with, alter or damage any part of the BWID system including control system, pumping plants, machinery, distribution system, or any meter.


Section 18.  Pollution of Water Supply

It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, place or deposit any article or substance in or near the District water supply system, whereby the water flow may be obstructed or otherwise polluted or rendered impure.


Section 19.  System Operator

The duties of the BWID System Operator are established in a separate job description as established by the Board of Directors. It shall be unlawful for any person to hinder, interfere or obstruct the BWID System Operator, or an authorized BWID representative in the performance of their duties.


Section 20.  Penalty, Water Shutoff for Violations

If any person fails to comply with the rules and regulations for the use of the BWID water supply, as set out in this Rules and Regulations, their water service may be shut off. In such case, the water shall not be turned on again until such person complies with BWID Rules and Regulations (including extra fees), and until all charges and arrearages due have been paid.


Section 21.  Classification

The Barlow Water Improvement District Board of Directors determines that the charges imposed by these Rules and Regulations are not considered taxes as subject to the property tax limitations of the Oregon Constitution.


Section 22. Enforcement

The Barlow Water Improvement District's System Operator or member of the Board of Directors or a duly authorized representative of the State of Oregon Health Division shall have the right without being deemed guilty of trespass or an unlawful act to check the premises of customers for cross-connections (physical connections) physical connections with other water supplies or to multiple users on one meter, and the general condition of water lines and service facilities at any reasonable time.  Any such connection prohibited thereby by law or regulation shall be removed by the customer immediately after receipt of written notice by BWID, and if not so removed, BWID shall remove or discontinue any connection it may have for servicing the property.


Section 23.  Backflow Devices

This section covers regulation of Cross-Connections to the Barlow Water Improvement District and establishes standards therefore; providing for Back-Flow Prevention, as a means of control and
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